EDI/Billing Services – New Features Release

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ERTH has released new billing features and enhancements in CBASS Online 3.6.5, part of its EDI/Billing services for energy retailers. The new features include a comprehensive set of API’s (Application Programming Interface) and an “Add Adjustment” button.

The API’s allow retailers to push/pull information to/from our billing system automatically and in real-time. The “Add Adjustment” button allows you to easily apply a single adjustment on the customer’s next bill.

The product enhancements in this release make it much easier for retailers to create new products, update existing products and quickly assign a product to new customers.

Assigning products for a new customer is as easy as selecting the product from a drop down list. The drop down list is dynamically created based on a number of variables including customer type, utility, commodity type and state.

Comprehensive Billing Solutions for Retail Energy Suppliers in the U.S & Canada

EDI Billing Services - New Features ReleaseERTH offers its retailer billing solution across 12 states within the US as well as in the province of Ontario, Canada. Our solution includes EDI Transaction Management services for US customers and EBT HUB services for Ontario customers.

An ERTH managed retailer billing solution encompasses all of the functionality and business processes required to support the full customer life cycle of a retail energy supplier’s business. Our solution takes over all aspects of your daily operations from the point where a customer is acquired. ERTH provides a dedicated team of energy market and retailer billing experts to manage your day-to-day operations. Therefore, our customers quickly realize the following benefits:

  • Operational cost savings
  • Increase in profitability
  • Reduced upfront capital investments
  • Minimize cash-flow issues

ERTH’s Retailer Billing Services – Covering Your Back Office Needs

By choosing ERTH’s Managed Retailer Billing Services, rather than licensing, customizing, implementing and operating a billing system of your own, retailers can avoid the substantial investment in back office systems. In addition, retailers can avoid the investment in staff needed to comply with the various market standards.

ERTH’s operations department consists of a team of dedicated market experts providing all of the back office duties and management of your day-to-day operations. Some of our duties include:

  • Proactively contact utilities for incorrect or late transactions
  • Process historical usages and enrolment transactions
  • Provide detailed reporting on all transactions
  • Process drop enrolments as needed and provide early termination reports

Supporting our operations team, our platform incorporates over 50 automated system checks and operational processes ensuring:

  • Every account is billed correctly and on time
  • All enrolments are accepted by utilities on time
  • Any errors in incoming and outgoing files are quickly caught and corrected

Click here for further information on ERTH’s Retailer Billing Service. For more information on how ERTH’s EDI/Billing Services can help your company reduce operational costs and increase profitability, please contact us today at 1-866-703-8483 x 246.