ERTH Awards Presented

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On Thursday, June 23, 2016, ERTH presented its annual ERTH Awards to three very deserving companies: Gaffney Electrical Solutions Ltd., the Township of Norwich, and the Elgin Innovation Centre. The ERTH Awards are handed out each year to individuals or groups within Erie Thames Powerlines’ service territory who are committed to environmental, economic and social sustainability. The awards were presented by ERTH’s Tyler Moore, Executive Vice President & Corporate Secretary, Graig Pettit, Manager of Finance & Regulatory Affairs with Erie Thames Powerlines and Jennifer Start, Conservation Programs Manager with Erie Thames Powerlines.

Gaffney Electrical Solutions Ltd. (Mitchell, ON) – ERTH Awards Winner: Small Business Category

opens in a new windowGaffney Electrical Solutions Ltd. opens in a new windowGaffney Electrical Solutions Ltd - ERTH Awards Winner 2015 is a Canadian-owned electrical contracting company. They are a registered Licensed Electrical Contractor through the Electrical Contractors Registration Agency of the opens in a new windowElectrical Safety Authority. With a workforce of 24 employees, they understand the importance of responding to customer enquiries quickly and efficiently, while being fully accountable to their clients.

As an authorized, licensed electrical contractor for the opens in a new windowsaveONenergy program through the opens in a new windowIndependent Electrical System Operator (IESO), Gaffney has completed 310 Small Business Lighting applications since 2011 (29 in 2015 alone) and 11 Retrofit applications from 2011-2015. This has greatly helped their customers and our community reach conservation and demand management targets.

Pictured here is Graig Pettit and Jennifer Start of Erie Thames Powerlines presenting the award to Ryan Shuker (centre) of Gaffney Electrical Solutions Ltd.

Township of Norwich (Norwich, ON) – ERTH Awards Winner: Municipalities, Universities, Schools & Hospitals Category

Township of Norwich - ERTH Awards Winner 2015The opens in a new windowTownship of Norwich is a municipality in southwestern Ontario and one of ERTH’s eight municipal shareholders. In 2015, Norwich invested in the municipally-owned Nor-Del Arena to increase energy-efficiency while reducing costs. The energy savings each year are expected to be over 100,000 kWh.

The Township made the arena more energy-efficient through the upgrade of its controller to the Cimco Seasonal Plus Controller. Similar to a programmable thermostat in a home, the system is programmed to maintain the ice at pre-set temperatures based on a number of factors, including the temperature outside. This is just one of a series of activities the arena plans to undertake to improve efficiency and follows Norwich’s other sustainable activities including an upgrade of the arena’s lighting to LED lights and converting streetlights to LED.

Pictured here (L-R) is Graig Pettit – Erie Thames Powerlines, Mayor Larry Martin – Township of Norwich, Patrick Hovorka – Township of Norwich, and Jennifer Start – Erie Thames Powerlines.

Elgin Innovation Centre (Aylmer, ON) – ERTH Awards Winner: Industrial Category

The opens in a new windowElgin Innovation Centre‘s vision is to help revitalize the community of Elgin County, fostering job creation through the transformation of an abandoned tobacco plant into a thriving and supportive business centre for entrepreneurs and innovative enterprises.

In 2015, the Elgin Innovation Centre completed five retrofit projects resulting in a reduction of over 150,000 kWh. This follows the four other retrofit projects they completed between 2011-2014 amounting to a reduction of nearly 370,000 kWh.

Pictured below is (L-R) Graig Pettit – Erie Thames Powerlines, Mayor Larry Martin – Township of Norwich, Patrick Hovorka – Township of Norwich, Ryan Shuker – Gaffney Electrical Solutions Ltd, Jennifer Start – Erie Thames Powerlines, and Tyler Moore – ERTH Corporation.

ERTH Awards Recipients 2015


For more information about conservation programs available in your area, visit Erie Thames Powerlines’ website.

For more information about the ERTH Awards, click here. The 2016 ERTH Award application forms will be available in early 2017.