World Water Day 2016

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According to the United Nations, almost half of the world’s workers work in water related sectors and nearly all jobs depend on water and those that ensure its safe delivery. At ERTH, this is proven every day especially in our industry-leading water metering division.

What is World Water Day?

World Water Day goes back to 1992 when the United Nations declared March 22, 1993 as the first World Water Day. On this day, people around the world take time to think and learn about water related issues while inspiring others to make a difference. A new theme is selected by opens in a new windowUN-Water each year. The 2016 theme is “Better Water. Better Jobs” meaning water not only has the ability to transform people’s lives, but to transform workers’ livelihoods.

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UN-Water Fast Facts:

  • 1.5 billion workers are working in water related sectors
  • Every hour, 38 workers die from water-related diseases, which can be prevented with better water and sanitation
  • 1 billion people worldwide work in farming, fishing and forestry. Water is their key to survival
  • Needs in the water sector are higher than ever. We need more and better talent to help shape our future
  • Women walk for water every day. Not paid, not recognized. Decent jobs are part of women’s empowerment
  • Feeding more than 7 billion people is not an easy task. Climate change makes water-wise farmers crucial

How are Jobs at ERTH Impacted by Water?

As Canadians, we’re lucky to have easy access to plenty of clean, safe water. In fact, opens in a new windowOntario’s more than 250,000 lakes contain about one-fifth of the world’s fresh water. At ERTH, we truly believe we are also responsible to protect and conserve this resource for future generations.

With origins in the electricity industry, it’s easy to see how water vastly changed people’s lives and created this industry a little over 100 years ago. Niagara Falls has been used to generate hydro-electric power since the late 19th century.

Aside from the electricity industry, we have an entire division that depends on water. Our water metering division specializes in testing, calibrating and repairing commercial and industrial water meters to ensure every drop of water used is measured. Accurate measurement is a key component of water conservation in addition to government transparency in water billing.

With decades of experience in the water metering industry, our water metering division continues to grow and provide valuable services to Ontario’s municipalities and large water users. Learn more about our water metering services and solutions.