ERTH Launching Quadra 4.2 at WennSoft Synergy 2015

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ERTH will be launching Quadra 4.2 at opens in a new windowWennSoft Synergy 2015 in Henderson, Nevada. Synergy will run from October 12-15 at the Green Valley Ranch. ERTH will be presenting Quadra 4.2 during the event at 10:45 a.m. on Tuesday October 13 and again at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday October 14. Please join us at our booth for a coffee or a latte while you charge your phones.


Quadra 4.2

Quadra 4.2 represents ERTH’s largest and most comprehensive product release with numerous features designed to further enhance the bid/quote to invoice process. The features benefit all departments from Finance to Sales and Quoting to Operations and Field Technicians. We have been working very closely with a number of customers to redesign some current Quadra features to further enhance and automate the bid to invoice process.

In addition, we have added significantly functionality to improve Quoting, Purchasing, Job Tracking and Management, Self-Serve Customer Portals, and vendor import and vendor pricing updates. Outlined below are Quadra’s key benefits by department.

Finance and Purchasing

  • Fully integrated with WennSoft and GP
  • Auto-creation of Purchase Orders
  • Auto-creation of Sales Orders
  • Real-time Estimate to Actual comparison
  • Real-time costing for Inventory from GP
  • Elimination of Estimating/Quoting Spreadsheets
  • Vendor Import of Material Price Sheets

Estimating and Operations

  • Full Estimate/Bid Management
  • Commercial Bid
  • Complex Estimates
  • Estimate creation from Job Templates, Excel Files (CSV), Previous Jobs, and Design Tools
  • Optional Items on Assemblies
  • Fixed and Variable Sales Pricing
  • Version/Approval and Job Management
  • Alerts, Prerequisite and notifications
  • Centralization of Job Packages and Reporting

Sales and Marketing

  • Self-Serve Sales Portal open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day!
  • Internal and External Sales Portal
  • Pricing Catalogs to choose from
  • Management of Special Clients Requests
  • Sales Workflow for Customer Communication
  • Marketing/Branding

For more information, please contact Todd Ross at 888-314-8893 x 279 or by e-mailcreate new email.