ERTH Lights Up Ontario with LED Street Lights

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ERTH has been on a roll lately winning LED Street Light Conversion projects in several municipalities including the Town of Goderich, County of Oxford, Municipality of Thames Centre, Township of Lucan Biddulph, Municipality of Bayham, Town of Stratford, Municipality of Arran Elderslie, Township of McNab Braeside, Downtown Lucknow (decoratives), and most recently the City of Thorold. In all of these situations, ERTH was compared with other LED Conversion companies and the municipalities determined that ERTH’s program continues to dominate in the Ontario market.

ERTH's LED Street Light Programopens IMAGE file In order to ensure your municipality receives a government rebate for energy efficiency at today’s rates, the conversion to LED street lights must be complete by the end of the year. This has put some added pressure on municipal councils not only to decide to move forward with the project but to ensure the successful bidder can complete the project on time. With over 30 years of experience in the street light industry, over 40 completed LED conversions in Ontario, 60 municipal partners, and an amazing team of project managers, engineers, technicians, and labourers, ERTH’s program provides municipalities comfort knowing their investment is in good hands.

In addition to ERTH’s experience, the warranty provided by ERTH’s manufacturer partners (including companies such as GE and Philips Lumec) outlasts the expected return on investment for municipalities. Since the investment is paid off through the money saved on energy costs, municipalities can also rest easy knowing they will begin realizing the energy saving benefits during the warranty period.

With the rising cost of energy, now is the time for municipalities to invest in energy saving initiatives such as LED street lights. Click here for more information about ERTH’s LED Street Light program. For information on why the City of Thorold chose to move forward, please view the opens in a new windowNiagara This Week article opens in a new windowThorold Sees the Light on LED Technology.