ERTH Presents Annual ERTH Awards

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On Thursday, June 11, 2015, ERTH Corporation presented its annual ERTH Awards to two local companies for their exemplary efforts and commitment to economic, environmental, and social sustainability in 2014. The awards were presented by Tyler Moore, Executive Vice President, Tim Collins, Conservation Engineer and GIS Specialist, and Jennifer Start, Conservation Program Manager. This year’s winners were Rosco Electric and IGPC Ethanol Inc.

ERTH Presents ERTH Award to Rosco Electric

Left to right: Tim Collins, Tyler Moore, Jennifer Start, Rodney Lava, and Lisa Lava.

opens in a new windowRosco Electric, located at 260 Bell Street in Ingersoll, has been committed to energy efficiency for many years. Rosco Electric provides a large assortment of energy efficient products and services for both residential and commercial customers. They have actively participated in both the opens in a new windowSmall Business Lighting Program and prior to that the Power Savings Blitz. By promoting these programs, they have helped many small businesses in Erie Thames Powerlines’ service territory reduce their energy consumption and lower their maintenance costs by switching to efficient LED lighting.

ERTH Presents ERTH Award to IGPC Ethanol Inc.

Left to right: Tim Collins, Jim Grey, Kimberly Scott, Tyler Moore, and Jennifer Start.

opens in a new windowIGPC Ethanol Inc., located in the town of Aylmer, is right in the middle of Ontario’s corn country. IGPC produces 200 million liters of ethanol annually and their distillers grains are marketed and trucked out to area beef, dairy and pork operations. IGPC’s commitment to sustainability has always been important to the company. In 2014 they added a one mega-watt (MW) multi-stage back pressure Steam Turbine Generator (STG). The STG will generate electricity from the steam while achieving the reduction in steam pressure. They also have a second project underway, which is a three mega-watt (MW) Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). This ICE will generate power in conjunction with the STG. IGPC also recently completed a Detailed Engineering Study (DES) of their cooling system, including chiller and cooling towers.

Tyler Moore, Excecutive Vice President of ERTH Corporation, was pleased to honour two deserving companies with the ERTH Award saying, “This year’s winners are leaders in ERTH’s shareholder communities. Their dedication to sustainability has not only helped Erie Thames Powerlines reach its conservation targets and be a leader in the industry, but has also shown that an investment in conservation and sustainability will help our community survive and thrive in the future.”

Application forms for the 2015 ERTH Awards will be available on our website in early 2016. For more information on how your home or business can benefit from participating in our conservation programs, please visit opens in a new windowErie Thames Powerlines’ website or call 1-877-850-3128.